Career in wide softech

An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer (Employer) to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee (You).How to talk to people in an interview situation, answering questions correctly and knowing the right questions to ask. Creating a good impression so that any prospective employers will take notice and be more likely to consider your application.To impress an employer, you must be well prepared and understand the value of what you have to offer. To demonstrate effectively your suitability value to the organization, you must know yourself. Review your self-assessment & information.

Why to choose wide softech

WIDESOFTECH assists its students in finding a job; WIDESOFTECH has a dedicated placement department to help students to get job placements in various IT job roles with major companies. With immense pleasure to inform you that WIDESOFTECH has introduced placement department. This department will provide assistance to our WIDESOFTECH students in their job search. It will also keep on updating you about the jobs available in the market. WIDESOFTECH provides 100% Placement Assistance but NO – JOB – GUARANTEE, neither with any Private, nor with any Govt. organization.

Classifications of IT JOB

Job classification is a system for objectively and accurately defining and evaluating the duties, responsibilities, tasks, and authority level of a job. The job classification, done correctly, is a thorough description of the job responsibilities of a position without regard to the knowledge, skills, experience, and education of the individuals currently performing the job.Job classification is most frequently, formally performed in large companies, civil service and government employment, nonprofit agencies, and colleges and universities.A job classification system cannot be used for positions which do not match in terms of their duties and responsibilities.